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Notice the instructions in this test are specific. The officer should explain that the suspect needs to keep their hands at their sides. Often, people even if sober, will tend to raise their hands outwards to keep balance. In addition, the officer should provide a demonstration as is done in this example. If you were able to pass this test or the officer did not instruct you properly, it may be a useful tool in your defense.

Springfield IL Traffic Lawyer - Protect your Driving Record from accumulating points and insurance increases. Often, Court Supervision is available and in some instances, amendments to non-moving violations are warranted.

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A suspended or revoked driver's license can often be reinstated. Attorney Sronce can identify what steps are necessary to reach your goals. 

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Field Sobriety Tests 

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Attorney Sronce is experienced in handling a wide variety of legal cases including defense against state prosecution for both traffic offenses and serious crimes. Below is a sample of the cases that Attorney Sronce defends. Call him today if you have questions regarding your case.

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Field Sobriety Tests 

One-Legged Stand

"I couldn't have asked for better representation. I presented Mr. Sronce with a tough DUI case and he delivered. He was attentive, knowledgable, upfront and got me through this unfortunate situation. I can honestly say I owe the fact that I sill have my career to him. I have recommended others to him and he has been successful." 

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The one-legged-stand test also requires specific instructions. In addition, if you have any health reasons why you might not be able to perform this test it is important that the Court be made aware.  Notice that these tests are administered and scored the same whether a suspect is 21 or 71 years of age.

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Field Sobriety Tests 

HGN - Nystagmus  

Here is a video of the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Test (involuntary jerking of the eyes), This test must be conducted with extreme attention to detail for it to be considered accurate. And, there are many factors such as flashing lights from police cars, oncoming traffic and the position of the pen, that can taint the results. It is not against the law to refuse testing. And if you believe an officer failed to properly instruct you, or failed to conduct the test in a standardized manner, it may be inadmissible.

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DUI Lawyer - If you have been arrested for DUI it is critical that you contact an experienced attorney immediately to protect your rights including your driver's license.

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Attorney Sronce understands that your job depends keeping a valid CDL.  Moving violations can result in disqualification of a CDL. Be sure to have a professional resolve your citation.  

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